Amongst our other typical South African bus and coach travel and tourism options, we at eAfricaTOURS are equally passionate about South African and regional school tours, Learner tours and Student school tours and stimulating educational excursions, whether it be for school trips within South Africa to Namibia, or Mozambique.


Depending on your Leaner Passenger amount, either a small luxury coach, luxury mini van, 16 seater sprinter or 60 seater semi luxury coach can be utilized for your school tour group. We will tailor make and streamline your school itinerary until it suits your needs according to your school educational subject and tour objective for the Learners. We will also recommend and supply a school tour luxury coach, semi luxury coach or mini van suitable to your needs and school tour budget without compromising on safety and quality.

Our Consultants will work extremely closely and meticulously with Educators, school tour Organizers or Travel Agents to meet the school tour budget, itinerary time constraints and the educational objective of the school tour group.

Flexibility is built into the itinerary to make provision for possible weather disruptions to the school tour where certain sightseeing tours are concerned ( example: Table Mountain, Robben Island ). In the event of weather disruptions, another opportunity to recover the particular school day tour or school educational activity will be prioritized and managed by communicating with the Educators and school tour Leaders in advance.

Within the borders of South Africa, we offer school tour coach hire, school tour semi luxury bus rental, and school tour mini van hire and guided school curriculum based tours in: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban to name a few. We can make reservations and book tickets in advance with the various museums and school tour educational sites.

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Curriculum based school tours wonderfully stimulates the young minds of our school learners who embark on such school tours. eAfricaTOURS can assist with the planning and implementation of school camps including accommodation and meals. Keynote speakers can be arranged to unlock the understanding of learners on a particular subject while on their exciting school tour or school excursion.

Your school travel and tour itinerary will be personalized and tailor made according to your school tour budget and specifications.

Our integrity and promise is your reward.